Malgorzata Dzierzon Dance
Rambert Tryptyk with Sopot Dance Theatre

Rambert Tryptyk was created as part of Choreographic Territories – New Paths for the Avant-Garde programme in Poland. Focused on iconic female figures in Polish dance history, the 2020 edition of Choreographic Territories was dedicated to Marie Rambert. Together with Joanna Czajkowska and Anna Akabali, we presented a new triple bill performed by the Sopot Dance Theatre. My part of the evening, created remotely during the pandemic, is titled the “English Scene”. Choreographically, it refers to the trilogy Le Cricket, Le Rugby, Le Boxing choreographed by Susan Salaman (1930–31) and commissioned by Rambert for her company and to Vaslav Nijinsky’s Games (1913). Rambert’s professional fascination and platonic love for Nijinsky are intertwined here with her relationship with Ashley Dukes. Set against turbulent, volatile times, the music reflects the longing during both wars, but also the desire for harmony, beauty, and the idyllic interwar period in a country that brought Marie love, happy family life and professional success.


Photography: Alicja Byzdra, Dancers: Róża Kołoda ¶ Artur Grabarczyk

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Choreography: Joanna M. Czajkowska (part 1), Małgorzata Dzierżon (part 2), Anna Akabali (part 3)

Dancers: Joanna Nadrowska, Róża Kołoda, Joanna M. Czajkowska, Wiktoria Rudnik, Jacenty Krawczyk, Kalina Porazińska, Artur Grabarczyk, Tomasz Graczyk

Music: Mariusz Noskowiak (part 1), Szymon Brzóska (part 2 and 3)

Visualisations: Katarzyna Teresa Turowska

Costumes: Alicja Gruca

Lights: Mateusz Gierc

Premiere: 27 September 2020, Theatre on the Beach in Sopot

The project is part of the international cultural programme coordinated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, implemented within the Multiannual ‘Niepodległa’ (Independent) Programme for 2017–2022. Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the Multiannual ‘Niepodległa’ (Independent) Programme for 2017–2022.

Twilight Dances for Fertile Ground

Twilight Dances looks at the eternal quest for the one thing that we cannot have - immortality. Inspired by Schubert's score the piece explores the existing representations of the Death and the Maiden theme in music, visual arts, film and poetry, combining movement and live music as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.

Concept & choreography: Malgorzata Dzierzon & Renaud Wiser

Performance & choreographic contribution: Kiran Kumar, Ashling McCann, Megan Otty and Olivia Paddison

Music: Franz Schubert String Quartet No. 14 performed by Quatuor Voxpopuli

Lighting Design: Alan Dawson


Fertile Ground & Voxpopuli, photo Kevin Wong


Dancers: Edit Domoszlai & Miguel Altunaga,  Image: Johan Persson

Created for Rambert, Flight is inspired by stories, images, conversations and some of my own experiences of travel and migration. Set within shifting, monumental environments, the dancers find themselves in worlds that are both strange and familiar.

Flight premiered at the Lowry, Salford in September 2016 and is part of Rambert’s spring tour showing at Theatre Royal Brighton March 1-4 and at Theatre Royal Nottingham March 28-30, 2017.


‘Dzierzon crafts a humane and poignant depiction of migration. She is a persuasive dance maker with a gift for collaboration.’

Phillippa Newis, Bachtrack on Flight



‘The world, the notion of “home”, is constantly mercurial here.’

Mark Monahan, The Telegraph on Flight



'Technically brilliant and with an honest emotional core this was my favourite piece of the night and a great opener.'

Eric Page, Gscene


‘Flight is an excellent piece that I would happily see again.’

David Mead, SeeingDance


‘Dzierzon has a sense of atmosphere and makes the most of her cast’s rich sense of movement (…) I’m interested to see where she goes next.’

Zoë Anderson, Dancing Times on Flight



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Creative team:

Choreography: Malgorzata Dzierzon

Music: Somei Satoh, Kate Whitley

Video design: Luke Halls assisted by Elena Kotsi

Costume design: JaneJaney

Lighting design: Paul Koegan


Read my article on making Flight in The Guardian


Dancers:  Simone Damberg Würtz Image: Johan Persson

Rasputin 11

Rasputin 11 is inspired by the Russian mystic, who befriended the family of Tsar Nicholas II, gaining considerable influence in the late Imperial Russia. I took the spatial sculptures of Esther Ferrer as starting point for the visual concept in order to create the spiderweb- like environment for the dancers to explore.

The work was made in 11 hours for 11 dancers, and is just over 11 minutes long.

Presented by Opera Wrocławska in partnership with Semperoper Dresden, Semperoper Ballett as part of Open Door Programme, June 30th, 2018


Creative Team


Choreography: Małgorzata Dzierzon

Music: Sławomir Kupczak, "Anafora V"

Lighting: Kamil Jach

Projection: Adrian Jackowski


Dancers: Christina Janusz, Monika Kielba, Piotr Bednarczyk, Rina Nishiuchi,  Image: Marek Grotowski

Eight Steps

Eight Steps was created in 2016 for FERTILE GROUND, the North East's first professional graduate dance company. Performed as part of Dancing the Road tour in theatres and outdoors, the piece is inspired by strategic board games, exploring how we navigate public spaces.

























Creative team:

Choreography: Malgorzata Dzierzon

Music: Mode-F

Lighting Designer: Michael Morgan

Costume Designer: Kate Collins

For more information about Fertile Ground visit


Hikikomori The Japanese term Hikikomori refers to phenomenon of reclusive young adults who withdraw from social life, seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. The concept and the literal meaning of the word (pulling inward) are an inspiration for the choreographic and musical composition of the work.
Fear Looking Outside my Window was a festival of art, music, cinema, cuisine and dance conceived and curated by Tupac Martir and presented between May 1-5 2014 at Rich Mix, London. Tupac invited me to create a 20-minute dance piece in collaboration with costume designer Thomas Tait and lighting designer Bambi Bueno. He also created the story board for this work, which was made over three days at Rich Mix with all rehearsals opened to the public.
For P "Dzierzon (...) has expressed this glorious piece of music sensitively and injected the choreography with passion and veracity." Deborah Weiss, Dance Europe magazine The choreography mirrors subtle changes in Gorecki’s score by introducing gradual, controlled developments. The imposed limitations create new possibilities.
Lines Written A Few Miles Below
The work was created during a period of collaboration with composer Mark Bowden. It is based on our observations of the unique culture of London commuters. We set out to explore how walking patterns and certain harmonies can emerge despite the existing regulations being consistently ignored. We wanted to portray how spending so much time on public transport can bring our intimate, private behaviour into the public eye. Two elements construct the music. The first is electronic comprising real sounds collected during a journey on the London Underground and the second is a virtuosic violin line constructed from five invented modes. Occasionally percussive sounds from the live violin and ghostly fragments of a busker's melody find their way into the electronic music. "It's readable, enjoyable, with a luscious romantic section(...)All human life is here" "Suffused with humour, color and some unconventional moves" Neil Norman, The Stage
I WILL I will is inspired by Paul Auster’s In the country of last things, a story of young woman’s journey to find her brother in an unnamed, doomed city. The piece is about hope, set backs, human endurance and the driving force of love and survival which makes us embark on seemingly impossible journeys. I shared the starting point and structure with composer Szymon Brzoska, who created a beautiful solo piece for cello in response Choreographed and performed by Malgorzata Dzierzon Rambert Season of New Choreography, 9-10 June 2009, The Place Theatre, London Music: Szymon Brzoska, performed by Ben Chappell Costume and lighting design: Malgorzata Dzierzon, assisted by Malcolm Glanville and Caroline Hagley.
The Black Tale/Tail Inspired by Romantic poetry, I started with a visual idea for the set that would allow me to create an atmosphere of suspense. The thrilling voice of Diamanda Gallas reciting The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe and the vigorous Danse Macabre accompany three female dancers in their transitions between the worlds of the living and the dead.
Choreographed by Malgorzata Dzierzon Rambert Season of New Choreography , 29-30 January 2008, The Place Theatre London Music: Diamanda Gallas The Black Cat (poem by Edgar Allen Poe), Camille Saint-Saens Danse Macabre Dancers: Antonette Dayrit, Patricia Okenwa, Pieter Symonds Set design: Malgorzata Dzierzon and Malcolm Glanville Costumes: Malgorzata Dzierzon and Georgina Greathead Lighting design: Malcolm Glanville